Texas Department
of Transportation
Houston District

Entech Civil

Bridge Design

Construction Cost
$ 25 M


Delivery Method

Project Sheet
pdf (attached project sheet)

TxDOT On/Off System Bridge Replacement

Harris, Galveston and Fort Bend Counties, Texas

To address deterioration issues and substandard crossings on secondary roads, DECON was asked to provide structural design and produce plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E) for four bridges in the TxDOT Houston District On/Off System Bridge Replacement program. Because of the environmental challenges in the Fort Bend and Harris County system, designers were especially sensitive to the water table, requiring them to maintain the existing road grade. Maintaining traffic flow during construction required phased sequencing of the work.

DECON’s plans addressed the importance of maintaining traffic flow, as these bridges were often on the only roadway in and out of developments. This multi-contract project involved the following bridges:

Hueni Road at Mill Branch: Harris County. This 62 FT single-span bridge replacement used prestressed concrete box beams, bearing on pile abutments that rest on drilled shafts, which relieved the approach slab over drilled shafts. This design responded to challenges presented by unmovable gas pipelines in the creek bed. The abutment protected the pipe from additional stresses from construction and traffic loads.

Fairgrounds Road at Seabourn Creek, Fort Bend County. This 114 FT three-span bridge replacement used prestressed concrete beams bearing on pile bents. The foundation was precast concrete-driven piles, which saved money and addressed water scour issues.

Kirkmeadow Road at HCFC Ditch A120-03-00: Harris County. This 50 FT single-span bridge replacement used prestressed concrete beams on pile abutments. The foundation was drilled shafts with poured concrete.

Pine Road at Drainage Ditch: Galveston County. This 75 FT three-span bridge replacement used prestressed concrete slab beams, bearing on pile bents that rest on drilled shafts.