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of Transportation

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Construction Cost
$ 115 M


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Project Sheet
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I 35 UPRR Mainlane Unit 3

Webb County, Texas

I 35 UPRR Mainlane Unit 3, DECON developed steel erection plans and procedures for northbound and southbound lanes of the 533 FT Unit 3 bridge at I 35 and the US 59 Loop using the TxDOT Standard Construction Specification 441 and AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration S10.1. These services integrate into plans for construction of nearly 1.5 MI of new direct connector and main lane bridges.

DECON developed the steel girder erection plans and procedures and the corresponding erection engineering calculations for structural adequacy and stability for Unit 3, 7, 8 and 9 of the Unit 3 bridge. This included the lifting weight of the primary member picks, all rigging and pre-attached elements (such as cross-frames or splice plates). The work also included the approximate center of gravity locations for the primary member picks of non-symmetric girders and assemblies.

Erection plans specified the work area, erection sequence, delivery location, crane information, primary member crane pick information, lifting devices and special procedures, bolting requirements, load restrictions and temporary supports.

The erection engineering calculations for structural adequacy and stability were performed in accordance with erection design criteria established on TxDOT Construction Specifications 2014 – Spec 441. The calculations identified design criteria, loads and load combinations, girder and system stability, uplift, temporary hold cranes and support loads, bearings, cross-frames and bracing, structural adequacy of temporary components and crane pick locations.

This major project will help enhance vehicular circulation by adding capacity and improving connectivity on this heavily traveled interstate highway in the Texas Rio Grande Valley area.