Roadway / Drainage

Construction Cost
$ 1.2 M


Project Sheet
pdf (attached project sheet)

Sam Houston Tollway Northeast Mainlane Toll Plaza
Full Depth Pavement Replacement

Harris County, TX

The Northeast Mainlane Toll Plaza on the heavily traveled Sam Houston Tollway required pavement replacement to allow the roadway to continue to provide safe, efficient service to motorists. DECON was selected to provide design engineering services required for the preparation of plans, specifications, estimates (PS&E), bid letting, and contract award assistance for the toll plaza between West Lake Houston Parkway and Generation Parkway.

The project involves replacing the existing roadway pavement in the 100-foot toll zone, both directions, with new continuously reinforced concrete pavement and replacing the electronic toll collection system loop conduits. Major components of construction include continuously reinforced concrete road paving, concrete traffic barriers, riprap, and other incidentals related to the electronic toll collection system.

The work includes temporary, interim, and permanent signing, pavement markings, and roadway delineation, both within and outside of the contract limits. DECON will coordinate with HCTRA, TxDOT, the City of Houston, and adjacent project engineers for overall signing, and pavement marking strategies.

DECON will also provide construction sequencing and traffic control plans for all project phases to delineate the position of the existing traffic with respect to the proposed construction. These phased construction plans will include electronic toll collection installation duration and traffic maintenance during construction. Documentation is being integrated into the county’s CAPTRAC program for effective electronic tracking of project information.