Texas Department
of Transportation
Bryan District

Webber LLC


Construction Cost
$ 240 M


Project Sheet
pdf (attached project sheet)

I 45 North Highway Improvements

Walker County, TX

DECON focused on project optimization for improvements to 6.7 miles of I-45, from Walker County’s adjacency with the Montgomery County line to 0.5 miles north of Vick Spring Road. The project involved widening I-45 from four to six lanes and the reconstruction and realignment of the main lanes and ramps.

The project improved drainage structures and bridges and enhanced frontage roads, crossroads adjacent to new ramps and interchanges. It included the addition of collector-distributor roads which parallel and connect the main travel lanes and frontage roads.

DECON optimized three phases of the original Traffic Control Plan (TCP): PH1 (STA 1271+00 to STA 1354+00); PH2 (STA 1000+00 to STA 1119+00); PH3 (STA 1119+00 to 1271+00). The optimization replaced the construction sequence from building the phases sequentially to building PH1 and PH3 simultaneously and then building PH2.

This optimization of the TCP Plan shortened construction time by six months and saved construction costs for this much-needed expansion.