Decon LLC, Design-Construction

2180 North Loop West, Suite 221
Houston TX, 77018

DECON LLC, Structural & Civil Engineering, MBE SBE DBE HUB HHF, TBPE Firm No 16156


In 2010, the Structural and Civil Engineer Fulvio Jaramillo founded a Design and Construction firm, DECON LLC, based in Houston, TX as an extension of his former firm, FJ Engineering that operated in Colombia for about 15 years.

The firm offers structural and civil engineering consulting services as well as construction management for clients in the public and private sector. Mr. Jaramillo, with more than 30 years of experience, exhibits his expertise acquired through his participation on multiple relevant projects, working as Engineering Manager, Project Manager and Engineer of Record for prime American Consulting Firms across Texas, Georgia, Florida and Virginia. To serve his diverse clients, he uses only the best and most innovative engineering practices within the industry.